Introducing: The Womanizer

Ladies, there is a new product that I want to tell you all about called the Womanizer. (Yes, I know that the name is a bit of a turn off). This toy is big news because it uses new technology to provide stimulation to the clitoris without vibrating it; this means that there is no irritation or over-stimulation to the clitoris. From what I hear about this product, it produces orgasms that are more intense, in less than a minute and is capable of producing multiple orgasms. This product may be the best thing ever for the woman that is not a big fan of vibrators. The head of the toy is placed directly on the clitoris, and it produces a sucking (suction) sensation with intensities from extremely light to OMG.

There are two types of Womanizers available.  One is the W100 Delight Womanizer, and the other is the W500 Deluxe Womanizer, which is the pro series. Both of these Womanizers are available in an assortment of colors with spare heads, USB charging cable, zipper box or satin pouch and owners manual.

Aesthetically, the toy itself looks a bit different than any other toy that is available for clitoral stimulation. It resembles one of those ear thermometers that you can pick up at your local drug store. I would also add that it probably would not work during intercourse with your partner.  You could allow your partner to assist you with using it and incorporate it into your love-making that way.

I would like to hear some feedback on what you think of this product.

You can purchase the Womanizer and many more products here.


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